Gävle-Aktivitetspark Siporexparken

Gävle municipality is creating an activity park and gathering place for children and young people who have ball sports as a common interest. The areas are open and several people and groups can use parts of the area at the same time and for many different types of ball sports. There are modules for spontaneous sports and technical training in handball, football, tennis and padel. TRiQ simply makes getting active more fun for anyone interested in ball sports.

TRiQ creates new added value to activity spaces that make children, young people and adults move more!


“TRiQ arena is a fantastic multifunctional sport facility where you can have fun and play, but at the same time conduct serious training for all ages. Technique is very important in football and here you have the opportunity to a number of different training variations. I myself have used TRiQ arena during my leave in order to maintain the skills and to be able to develop it. First touch, different finishes, accuracy, etc. are some examples on different things you can practice. If you just want to have fun with friends you can also do that, the possibilities are endless!”