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Exercises and games with the TRiQ modules:

Varied and playful training opportunities

Spontaneous sport - playful exercise that leads to skill.

Help in case of leadership shortage.

Fun activities at events and tournaments

How you and we can inspire joyful activation!

  • Creating unique places
  • Handball and Racket sports
  • TRiQ app
  • Exercises and games
  • Inspiring training sessions
  • Unique inspirational film

Creating unique places

Creating unique places

Our hope is that everyone walking past a TRiQ arena will feel that they are inviting places that inspire movement.

The purpose of TRiQ arena
is to get more children and young people moving through joyful activation. This is increasingly important in a society where interest in organized sport is declining.

The facilities
are places for spontaneous sports – without the need for expensive equipment, prior knowledge or skills. Designed for playing and training in groups as well as on your own. We have modules for several different sports!

Activity park for everyone.

The design of pitches for ball sports has looked much the same for generations. One plan and two objectives, designed to practice sport in large groups. Our facilities offer greater variety and opportunities for play and self-exercise. They are modular which makes it easier for everyone to venture in and take their place in modules even if some modules are occupied.

This makes TRiQ arena just as suitable for those who just want to play with the ball on their own as it is for the determined and serious athlete.

Fun activation like makes a difference!

Handball and Racket sports

Handball and Racket sports

TRiQ also creates the opportunity to practice and play skills in handball, basketball, volleyball, padel and tennis.

Unique concept to train even handball outdoors!

TRiQ creates a natural gathering place for children and young people who have ball sports as a common interest. The conceptis built on a flexible system based on modules. We have modules for several different sports and by creating innovative multifunctional places, we appeal to people with different interests and of all ages.

TRiQ app

TRiQ app

We are developing an app to improve user-friendliness.

The app enhances user-friendliness and makes it possible to get a quick overview and easily get direct inspiration at your own TRiQ site. And a function to collect your favorite exercises.

We will also gather unique tips and advice for users to drive their technology training.

The app also has a map function that makes it easy to find your nearest site.

Exercises and games

Exercises and games

Inspirational exercises & games here on our website and on Instagram & YouTube.

All our sites have a training sign and a QR code with direct access to the exercises on YouTube.

Perfect for leaders, teachers and parents to use to inspire their children. young people.

We provide an exercise library that is completely free for everyone to access.

Inspiring training sessions

Inspiring training sessions

We are happy to come and hold a training session to inspire you,

club leaders and players how you can use TRiQ in your player development and training. By showing how easy and fun it is to use TRiQ in your player development, you and we can help young people move more and get more varied training.

This gives everyone a welcome and effective complement to training.

“Better than most teammates” quote and review from a user who played in Allsvenskan!


Unique inspirational film

Unique inspirational film

Offers on-site filming - to municipalities and associations

We offer your association or municipality to produce a specific inspirational film for your unique facility. You can then use the film to inspire your residents or your association’s leaders and members.

By showing exercises and games on site, we can jointly contribute to giving young people and adults a fun and unique complement to activation.