"The ball sports equivalent of a skate park"

Activity park for everyone

Innovative activity parks for handball, football and racket sports.

The design of pitches for ball sports has looked much the same for generations. One field and two goals, designed for organized sport and for playing sport in larger groups. We want to help change this and help you design places that make a difference.


Enabling a more fun and active life for everyone in society with TRiQ.


Flexible solutions

Choose a prefabricated design or create your own.


The modules are designed to work for a variety of ball sports and even the smallest basic set-up gives users access to many functions and features.


Our modules suit all types of facilities and budgets – whether you want a single solution or an entire multi-arena. Let our experts help you.



Max Bodlund

I am a sports-loving youth coach with a passion for football and have spent many hours on and off the pitch both as a player and a coach.

This made me realize that the football pitch today is only adapted for the actual match situation and that there was something missing in our sports facilities, something that could offer technical training and more fun spontaneous sporting activities. If you go to the football field today, it is almost exclusively to shoot at goals until you get tired of retrieving the ball over and over again.


My son and I often trained together at home on the lawn and when I got the idea to build something that we could use for our own technique training, I designed the first prototype of the TRiQ. After a short time, I noticed dramatic progress in my son’s ball reception. This made me put one plus one together and I soon got a picture in my head of how much more fun we could make coming to our local sports grounds if we develop the facilities and offer innovative opportunities for technical training and games for ball sports. The idea for the TRiQ arena began to take shape.


I hope that TRiQ will contribute something that allows young people to be attracted to movement and discover the fun of football and thus be part of their technical training development. I am also convinced that TRiQ arena can be an invaluable tool for youth coaches if they have access to it at their facility, both to use during training but also to show the players exercises and games that they can use the TRiQ modules for in their free time.

Henrik Larsson

When I saw the TRiQ modules being used for the first time, I immediately saw the fantastic opportunities for fun and good technique exercises that could be created to train your first touch.

In all my years as a professional footballer, it was my first touch that was my most important offensive weapon. I could quickly receive the ball and move it to the area I wanted to move to.


“In all my years as a professional footballer, it was my first touch that was my most important offensive weapon.”


Out in the open and in the penalty area, time is a rare commodity in modern football and because I could usually get away from the opponents with the ball, it gave me a few extra vital seconds to get into good passing and finishing positions. Especially inside the penalty area, the time before the defenders get too close to the striker is almost non-existent. This places enormous demands on the striker’s first touch – to stay one step ahead of his opponent at all times.


If the TRiQ arena modules had been around when I was growing up, I can see how much fun my friends and I would have had playing and training with them. I see the potential for both football players and coaches if these modules are available at their football pitch. To be involved in creating good modern facilities for technical training and at the same time be involved in the development of youth football.


“If you like football, you like TRiQ”

Football is as easy to fall in love with as it is difficult to master.

If you've ever coached soccer, you know how many difficult technical elements a player needs to master in order to be really good.

After building our first facility and seeing how well it works and how well the young people have embraced the concept, we really think we have something unique to offer. We are passionate about football and the opportunities for young people to develop in our sport and we hope to be part of that development and give children and young people the conditions for quality technical training. We want to create opportunities for modern football technique training with the simple but functional design of the TRiQ modules. We also want to use playful design to encourage spontaneous sport and believe that even those who are not interested in football can be encouraged to get moving thanks to the TRiQ arena.

Technical elements to be trained

  • Strike
  • Precision
  • Mobility
  • Footwork
  • Timing "reading ball flight"
  • "First touch"
  • Receptions
  • Finishing
  • The body's ability to coordinate


  • Thanks to the modular design, we can create solutions for all types of facilities large and small.
  • Our expertise in the sport allows us to help you find solutions that suit your needs and your facility.

Promoting Public Health

Healthier children, young people and adults through innovative thinking and fun movement activity.
What TRiQ creates does not exist today and simply makes getting active more fun for anyone interested in ball sports.

TRiQ facilities for spontaneous sports and activity parks are unique and enable fun self-training for ball and racket sports. Several different playful and varied modules encourage more people to get active.

TRiQ creates new added value to activity spaces that make children, young people and adults move more!

Teenagers are addressed in a new and interesting way. Current public services do not attract many teenagers to the activitys outdoors. They are too old for playgrounds and they are usually not interested in outdoor gyms.

If they are interested in football, there is nothing more than the football field to go to and it is not very playful and interesting if you do not play matches. TRiQ has the potential to attract teenagers in a whole new way.

“The ball sports equivalent of a skate park” A fun and innovative ball concept.

Increasing Equality

Open to everyone regardless of their economic resources!

The TRiQ modules make it easier for everyone, regardless of economic background, to train in a fun and qualitative way in a whole new way.


TRiQ creates unique opportunities for playful and serious self-training that is appealing to young people and adults interested in football.

Everyone can get better at handling a football regardless of their financial situation!

It has become a multi-million dollar industry with individual football training and personal training equipment requiring a garden. We know that many young people lack these economic conditions.

A lot of young people go to private trainers for extra training or have equipment for technical training at home. Young people from weaker socio-economic areas often lack these opportunities. With an open and accessible TRiQ arena, everyone has the same opportunity to practice ball sports techniques regardless of their financial situation. No special equipment, clothing or prior knowledge is required to use TRiQ.

A lot of young people do not have active and involved parents. TRiQ creates the conditions for everyone to exercise as much as they want.


Sport club development

With the TRiQ concept you create fun and innovative opportunities for self-training and innovative group training that appeals to young people and adults with an interest in ball sports.

To create completely new conditions for both spontaneous sports and technical training around our existing football pitches, the TRiQ modules can very advantageously be placed outside a football pitch.

We are passionate about football and the opportunities for young people to develop in our sport. and we hope to be part of that development and give children and young people the conditions for qualitative technical training.

The simple but functional design of the TRiQ modules creates opportunities for modern technology training.

We create an activity park for all members of your sport club or municipal and provide exercises, training sessions and games to optimize use and enjoyment.

How we inspire users

Inspirational exercises & games here on our website and on Instagram & YouTube.

We provide an exercise library that is completely free of charge for leaders, teachers and users.

Exercise library.

Perfect for those visiting a TRiQ park and for leaders, teachers and parents to use to inspire their young people. Sports teachers can also enjoy and benefit from inspiring students to be active in a fun way.

We will continuously update and build the library of exercises and games and they will always be available for free.

You can find them here on the website but also on our Instagram and YouTube channel.

All our sites have a training sign and a QR code with direct access to the exercises on YouTube.

We at TRiQ arena have developed innovative activity parks for ball sports.

Our hope is that everyone walking past a TRiQ arena will feel that they are inviting places that inspire movement.

The aim of the TRiQ arena is to create fun activation and get more children and young people moving. We want to help you renew our sports facilities and create innovative places for spontaneous sports. TRiQ makes it more fun to exercise and play with balls together regardless of age.

Activity parks create unique and playful gathering places with the ball at the center for everyone!

  • Basic facts: The company was founded in 2019
  • Seat: Helsingborg
  • Basic facts:
    Max Bodlund & Henrik "Henke" Larsson I
  • Activities: Sports facilities

Our partners

  • Unisport / artificial turf and activity equipment

    We work closely with Unisport, which is also a reseller of TRiQ.

    Unisport has unique expertise in the construction of sports and fitness facilities.

    Through our cooperation, we can offer several different surfaces such as 100% recyclable artificial grass and Bergo flooring. It also allows us to offer equipment to build complete outdoor gyms for all different levels of training.

    Unisport has completed over 1000 installations of artificial turf in the Nordic region.

    For you as a customer, this means that you can feel confident of getting the best solution for your particular needs when it comes to the design, installation and service of artificial grass for our activity parks.


  • Carlark landscape architects

    “We are working with Carlark Architects who specialize in designing and planning activity parks. Get in touch if you want a proposal for the placement of our TRiQ modules in your specific location!”


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