Create fun and innovative opportunities for self-training and playfull games with the football.


We at TRiQ arena provide a practice library that is completely free to access for your leaders and players!


We offer an introductory course with tips on how to use TRiQ in your daily activities.


We are developing an app with exercises and games for users. Free for everyone to use.

An activity park & multi-sport venue for everyone!

Create attractive gathering places that encourage children and young people to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays it is difficult to train football technique by yourself because you cannot train on ball reception without something or someone to make the ball come back. Thanks to the TRiQ modules, everyone can practice receptions and direct terminations on their own!

The great thing about TRiQ is that it works just as well for a six-year-old who wants to start learning football techniques as it does for an elite athlete who wants to do high-quality or playful training on their own, and it can be used in training exercises by coaches at all levels.

Added value for the Football Association
leaders & members

  • Facilitating the handover & unique heating surfaces

    Create conditions for spontaneous sports even when the football pitch is occupied and enable better handover between the teams that will use the pitches during training and matches. This is a recurring problem that will now be much easier if we create off-site activity areas.

    During autumn, winter and spring, the vast majority of pitches are always occupied in the evening, making spontaneous sport impossible for those outside organized sport. If we create spaces outside our pitches, we create completely new conditions for spontaneous sport for these young people. The surfaces also enable siblings who are not participating to be active during training and matches!

    Coaches can show their young people exercises that they can warm up with the TRiQ modules before training and matches. As a result, young people train and move more and actually feel better and become better football players. Goalkeeper training – The TRiQ modules allow you to show your goalkeepers a variety of exercises that they can use both as a warm-up but also as technique training to develop their goalkeeping skills.

  • Technique training on your own & Technique training in a group.

    Technique training on your own

    Anyone can train on their own here, and our YouTube channel offers great tips, advice and exercises. You can have the simplest basic training and you can have advanced technical training at the highest level. The TRiQ modules are as useful for a football player who wants to develop his technical skills, as the weights are for a weightlifter in his strength training!

    With the TRiQ modules, they can train seriously or just play with the ball and create all sorts of games with the ball at the center.

    Technique training in groups

    Football coaches can use the TRIQ modules to create a variety of exercises to complement and vary their regular training. Technique training that makes a difference!


  • Helps your leaders develop their players' functional skills.

    With TRiQ modules around your facility, you enable your club and its leaders to drive their players’ development in a whole new way. This is done both by using TRiQ modules in training and by showing different exercises that they can continue to practice on their own outside of training time.

    Exercise library.

    We provide an exercise library that is completely free of charge for coaches and players. Sports teachers can also enjoy and benefit from inspiring students to be active in a fun way.


  • Helping with leadership shortages & enabling varied training

    Many smaller associations suffer from a lack of trainers. If a single leader finds it difficult to engage all his players, the presence of the TRiQ modules can help to engage players with quality exercises and thus offer the players more enjoyable training.

    You can also vary training sessions by using the TRiQ modules for challenges, games and fun competitions that add much-needed variety to regular training sessions.

    The TRiQ modules make it easier for everyone to train qualitatively but also playfully.

  • Fun activities at events and tournaments

    The design and variety allows you to use the TRiQ modules to create fun competitions, challenges and games perfect for events and tournaments. tournaments.

    Attracts ball games and challenges.

    The playful graphic design is reminiscent of that found in video games and encourages various challenges and ball games. This is appealing regardless of age.

  • Recruitment to the association

    As a football association, showing that you offer all your members, regardless of age, innovative activity parks and training opportunities shows that you are investing in their well-being.

    This will attract players and parents.

Create activity areas for the whole family.

Increase the use of the existing sports ground!

By creating innovative conditions for spontaneous sport.
and own technique training!

Today, most facilities are empty outside training or match time.

The TRiQ concept creates opportunities for playful and serious self-training that is appealing to young people and adults interested in football. A safety distance of three meters to the plane surface should be taken into account, this is almost never a problem. The modules are so shallow that we can always find several different placement options. This also creates new opportunities to use the TRiQ modules during training sessions.

The modules make it much more fun to go to the football facilities by yourself or in small groups!

This generates completely new added value for the sports facility!

Promotes public health.

Create innovative and fun surfaces that encourage movement!

Children and young people are moving less and spending more time sedentary in front of screens of all kinds.

The TRiQ arena is innovative and, thanks to its fun and clever design, encourages young people interested in ball games to get moving.

Fun and varied activation that works.

The concept makes it more fun and easy for parents to inspire their children to be more active!

Increasing equality

Accessible and Democratic!
Open to everyone regardless of their resources!

With an open and accessible TRiQ arena, everyone has the same opportunities to train in technology regardless of their socio-economic background.

TRiQ creates unique opportunities for playful and serious self-training that is appealing to young people and adults interested in football. A lot of young people lack active and involved parents, but TRiQ creates the conditions for everyone to exercise as much as they want.

Serves as a gathering place that leads to games

Young people go there to practice techniques on their own,

when they then meet more young people and parents who are there, it leads to spontaneous matches between those who want to participate, resulting in fun cross-generational encounters.

The concept appeals to parents more than a traditional sports ground as it is easier and more fun to inspire their children to engage in a variety of activities.